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Learn how to be a great enterprise architect

we develop your personal enterprise architecture capabilities using real life examples from the comfort of your office or home. We provide distance learning, one to one coaching, peer review and an online model exchange that accelerate your architecture value delivery.

We are launching later this year. Join our mailing list to stay informed and have the chance to be the first to try our services. Our learning approach is based on proven methods used in distance learning. We use best in class industry specific examples and action learning where you create content and obtain tutor and tutor group feedback. We encourage content reuse with our exchange platform, and you have the choice of architecture tool and industry sector. 

Learning ... is of the essence of everyday living and of conscious experience; it is the process of transforming that experience into knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and beliefs. It is about the continuing process of making sense of everyday experience.

(Jarvis, 1992, p. 11)

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