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archimate content exchange

 our exchange platform allows architects to collaborate on and reuse architecture content.


 designed to increase your architecture productivity and quality and create a community of archimate practice in which you collaborate with other architects to continually improve and learn  archimate within a specialist community of practice.


access for six months is included free within training courses and can be purchased for an annual subscription fee.

really! do you want to start with a blank page?

we don't reuse architecture content between organizations, suppliers and customers and between projects. What about the non-confidential views and models? The arhimate language and the associated intertool exchange format allows consistent understanding between architects and tools and opens the way forward to avoid the blank page situation. Reuse of quality content means faster benefits for your EA stakeholders. For you it also means access to useful sector specific models and content to continually learn and improve and to collaborate in a community of practice for enterprise architects using the archimate language.

apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the "magic" from collaboration

In the video, Apple CEO Tim Cook describes his strategy for hiring people who will focus on collaboration and deliver the “magic” that happens when great minds come together


successfull collaboration means to "Communicate, visualize and acknowledge. Communicate by sharing ideas with your coworkers, contacts, managers, and anyone who will listen. Use visuals to help communicate your ideas and clarify your ideas at the most simplistic level."


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