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monetize and leverage your experience out of office hours

share your experience and become a leader in developing architecture in your industry


our business model is based on industry sector relevant examples, case studies, tasks and assignments built around a core training materials design for architects using archimate. 


we need experienced enterprise architects who enjoy developing other peoples capabilities to broaden the industry sectors we use to teach. 


as a fanchisee you would be teaching part time for us. This would be outside your regular office hourse and you recieve 80% of the revenue you create from for your sector based on our training, exchange, choaching and reviewing services. you will own the industry sector globally or for a spoken language or geography.


you will use our courses, our business partnerships, platforms, tools and websites and create your own specific examples, tasks and case studies to plug-in to our core offerings. we plan to franchise by industry sector, geography/language and architecture tools.


if you are interested in our franchising model please contact us through email using our enquiry email address at the bottom of the page below.


our courses can be puchased for an annual intellectual property license fee and used to offer through your own company.


as our courses grow and develop you will be constantly updated with the new materials. You may deliver the courses through any means including our platforms, or others or use them in face to face training or onsite training models.


we will support you with trainer training if required and all the materials that you need to deliver great effective enterprise architects


if you are interested in our licensing model please contact us through email using our enquiry email address at the bottom of the page below

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