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our business partners

we are constantly working to establish business partnerships and alliances that deliver mutual value and enhance our vision for enabling great enterprise architects.

Orbus Software is a globally recognized independent software vendor, and the sole provider of the iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite. This family of software products comprises of the iServer enterprise modeling and collaboration platform, and solutions for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Analysis, Governance Risk and Compliance, IT Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management and ERP Process Management.

We are committed to the development of software that extends and enhances the Microsoft applications used by millions of people every day, resulting in products that are easy to deploy, highly flexible, and cost effective.

Orbus Software's iServer enterprise modelling and collaboration platform is our preferred architecture tool that uses Microsoft Visio as the model editor and workbench. We have found it is extremely easy to learn the tool, especially if you are already familiar with Visio allowing you to focus on learning enterprise architecture skills.

All our courses have iServer as the first architecture tool for examples, case-studies and assignment completion.

please send an email to our inquiries email address at the bottom of the page to initiate partnership discussions

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