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Our training is built on the principle that the best way to learn is to actively engage by doing things and using relevant examples.  This is unlike most online training where you passively read or watch videos with a few self-test questions at the end. Often with examples that don't relate to your industry sector and again often without specific tools format downloads.


Actually doing enterprise architecture and sharing your work with others in your tutor group offers the opportunity to develop and to refine your skills. Giving and receiving feedback is perhaps the most effective way to turn knowledge from study into actual skills that will make you successful in your everyday enterprise architecture work.


Deliver business value to your stakeholders more effectively and efficiently . Reuse existing content from other architects as your starting point to ensure your create and deliver value faster for your stakeholders. You don't need to reinvent the wheel and start from a blank page every time when you use our architecture exchange service, which is included in our training courses. 

Learn by doing



Throughout the virtual learning environment you will find icons for each type of learning activity. These icons provide learning instructions to undertake a particular activity in the learning journey that we have crafted for you. In the near future you will be able to click on all the icons below to discover more about each one and see real examples of how each will exist in the coure content.


The tools and industry reference architectures, such as TMForum's frameworks for telecommunications, are choices within the course. So if you want to use the tool Orbus iServer, Bizzdesign Architect or simply the free  archimate tool called archi, with TMForum frameworks within the course you can. Later we will add other tools and other industry reference architectures and industry specific examples.

learning platform
watch,read, check



a lecture segment we created specifically for this course or another video chosen to help your understanding of an enterprise architecture concept



from the provided course content, which includes academic and industry papers, blogs and news to develop your understanding of a concept or idea



we will give you a quick quiz, with answers after, based on the content of the block and activities you just completed. They are the same as those used in certifications

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 within your tutor group concepts, theories and examples we provide and the content created by other participants. Give and receive feedback on the work of your tutorial group colleagues and the work you complete

case study


an up-close and in-depth examination of a concept or situation in a real-world context. It puts you in a role within the  strategic situation to practice the concepts of enterprise architecture and report or propose action or direction

online tutorial


we provide you the opportunity to interact as a group of participants on the same course enrollment and with your tutor in live audio video conferencing, whiteboard and chat.  Vital for successful distance learning.

discuss, cases, tutorials
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share  your our architecture model or content on our exchange platform to search for and reuse or add to the library of reusable ArchiMate content



 asks you to complete some architecture work which could be a model or fragment, using a technique or element of guidance or a report or presentation

task, exchange
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reusing these models like TMForum's Frameworks provides a common vocabulary and the ability to share content between organizations. Avoid starting from zero.

industry architectures


reusing these models like TMForum's Frameworks provides a common vocabulary and the ability to share content between organizations. Avoid starting from zero.

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we provide course content and “how-to” instructions in your preferred ArchiMate tool. Currently Orbus iServer and Archi, but we hope to add BizzDesign, sparxs and mega later.

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architecture certification


Our courses will be accredited by the Open Group and later other organizations so you can choose optional certification revision modules and choose which cerificates you want to examine for

industry architectures

Our prototype is being developed now for public testing later this year using the most popular open source learning platform 










We are building an engaging, rich and intereactive experience to enhance your enterprise architecture distance learning with these key features;


  • online tutor group audio video conference

  • tutor group discussion forums

  • blocks of study for each two week period

  • best in class example content

  • activities with model answers and self assessment quizzes

  • team working, collaboration and case study

  • reading online or in alternative formats such as pdf books

  • assignment submission tools to submit your work

  • detailed marked assignment feedback and grades

  • ability to contact your tutor 


Our learning method goes beyond traditional e-learning and self-paced learning. This is a real interactive, tutor lead and time structured distance learning approach. You get all the benefits of face to face learning without having to travel and give up an entire week away from the office as with the less innovative existing approaches to learning today. Unlike these existing e-learning and self paced learning used today, you don't get a series of videos to watch with a quick quizz after, or join in a week-long teleconference.


This is different and is focused on skills that make a real difference not just certify knowledge....

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